Too many blogs!

I have way too many blogs started.  Perhaps I should just stick with the main one.  I like HSB (homeschoolblogger) except that it’s not easy for non-HSB’ers to leave a link to their own blog.  They can leave a comment, but leaving a ‘clickable’ link just doesn’t work.

Another ‘problem’ with my multiple-blog syndrome is discerning whether or not I should share my real name with everyone.  I don’t know why I’m worried.  I don’t have a very big “following,” and it’s not like my real name is that ‘different’.  I.e. People aren’t likely to see my real name and say, “Hey, I know exactly who that is!”

In case anyone is interested, I think this is the official list of all the blogs I have ‘floating’ around cyberspace:

I think if I could figure out how to make this WordPress blog have all the links and codes that I have on my HSB blog, then I might switch.  I dunno.

As I type out this blog entry, I’m getting really frustrated because both FireFox and IE are giving me fits.  Perhaps it will be better once my husband is able to make the changes to the PC that he’d like to make.

3 thoughts on “Too many blogs!”

  1. I have a confession to make: I have other blogs too!! I only started them because I wanted to know what using other servers would be like, so there’s not much on them. I still like HSB the best because of the community feeling there.

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