Columbus Day – Paddington Bear’s 50th Birthday

Today’s the day we ‘celebrate’ Columbus Day.   Why do we celebrate it?  How do we celebrate it?

Also, thanks to Google, we’ve been informed that it’s Paddington Bear’s 50th Birthday.  Seeing this on Google makes me think of a friend’s recent blog post about Google’s choices for ‘special’ logos.  (If only I could remember which friend…)  🙂

One thought on “Columbus Day – Paddington Bear’s 50th Birthday”

  1. Hi Anita,

    I like your thinking! I like this blog layout too–very cool. I like Blogger, but my beef with them is that the commenter’s email address is not automatically left behind, so the blog owner can’t contact them personally. I have to go find their blog or talk to them through my blog. But other than that, I LOVE BLOGGER! It’s very easy to use. I tried WordPress and got really frustrated. But I love this comment box and this layout, and if you like WordPress, that is very cool.

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