Frustrations with Blogger and Open ID

For some reason, I’ve been having problems using my WordPress account to leave comments on Blogger blogs.  And, what’s up with OpenID?!  It’s supposed to make things easier?!  I don’t think so.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have an account with Blogger, but I was hoping to re-direct people to my WordPress blog without them having to go through the hassle of weeding through my blogger profile.  Anyway, I’ve been visiting a few blogs with the OpenID option of leaving a comment, and WordPress is apparently one of the options.  So, why, when I click on “post comment”, does it continually give me “OpenID error” messages?   (It just took me five clicks to get a comment to “take”!!!)

Thanks for listening to my tirade!  🙂  Now back to your regularly-scheduled eclectic blogging…

Oh!  One more thing…  I suppose I may have brought this on myself with my umpteen different blogs.  (blushing)  So, I digress.

17 thoughts on “Frustrations with Blogger and Open ID”

  1. not exactly sure, im new to this, but i always use the url link,
    i think its better for our google rank, giving us more backlinks. Even though the other way is quicker, if someone doesnt have the url option I may not comment cause it doesnt always work for me either

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry if my blog title is offensive – I have three boys and have had to learn to live with it. Even with Dad in Iraq for a year( and not influencing the boys), I couldn’t get the word or activity cleared out of the air.

    Now to see how many times it will take to get this post to go through. Here goes.

  3. You know what? I get that same error!! And it is only on certain blogs where that happens. Usually it is on the Blogger blogs where the comment form does NOT open in a separate window. Is that what you experience? It’s frustrating–I get an error message, press “publish comment” again, am required to enter the verification code, press “publish comment” again, press it again, and then usually it finally goes through. I feel your FRUSTRATION!!

    btw, thanks for stopping by Treasured Chapters! 😉 I hope you did not get an error there??

  4. Anita, Hi – Oklahoma Granny here. So glad you stopped by my blog. I always love having new visitors. You commented that I have 4 grandsons and your mother has 5 granddaughters. Well, in a few months (not sure yet just how long) I’ll have 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. My son and his wife are in the process of adopting a brother (age 1) & sister (age 3). Where is your mother from in Oklahoma? As for Christmas coming soon – I have 5 more gifts to buy and I’m DONE! WOO HOO! (and 2 of those are gift cards for gasoline – niece & nephew always need fuel for their cars.) Stop back by anytime. I know I’ll be visiting your site again soon.

  5. We live in the country – kind of “no man’s land”. Our address is out of one small town, our water comes from another small town and our telephone is out of yet another small town. We’re about an hour and a half from Tulsa.

  6. Hey thanks for stopping by…easy bruschetta, and yes we live in Oklahoma, which, if I am not mistaken is considered the midwest…but when I lived in St. Paul, MN for a 3 yr. stint with my hubby’s job, everyone said we were from the south…

    I guess it depends on perspective…we have been having unseasonably warm weather and hence the nice tomatoes still on the vine…but a cold snap is coming and I think this winter will be a doozy since the last was so mild…but who can say?

    anyhoo, thanks for stopping by!


  7. Just to let you know you did just fine on my blog and it is blogger 🙂

    I was coming by to thank you for your wonderful compliments! And a big thank you for visiting!

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