What’s “wrong” with Christmas?

Well, there could be an argument made that there are A LOT of things “wrong” with Christmas… commercialization, spending too much money (aka going into debt), parents “lying” about Santa, too many parties, not enough parties, etc., etc.  However…

One thing I don’t like about Christmas…  it receives so much hype that children wish it would get here sooner.  But then, once it finally “arrives,” it’s over too quickly.  What’s up with that?

from Ingers Site - day 4 Advent Calendar gift

To be continued…  ???

One thought on “What’s “wrong” with Christmas?”

  1. Seems to be “over” the second the presents are unwrapped. The “mystery” is gone. Even though we read the Christmas story, it’s hard to communicate that greatest mystery of Emmanuel, God with us.

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