Build-a-Bear wins hearts of kids

If you’ve never heard of Build-a-Bear, then you probably do not have children who love stuffed animals.  At Build-a-Bear, a child can pick out what kind of animal they’d like to “create” and take home with them.  First, the animal must be stuffed which involves fluffy stuffing blowing around inside a machine until it’s sucked into the “skin” of the animal.  At which point, the person who’s assisting asks if you want your animal to be firm or loose.  After that, you get to brush off your animal to get it nice and “clean.”  Then, you can pick out an outfit for it… anything from underwear and socks to briefcases and backpacks to flip flops and boots to hats and sunglasses.  After you’ve dressed your animal, it’s time to name him/her and enter all the information into the special computers they have set up just for that purpose.  Finally, you get a special box in which to carry your animal home.  And, after you’ve paid for all of this, you’re free to go!  🙂

Well, all of that to say, I’ve found a couple more bloggers who’ve extended the deadline to enter their Build-a-Bear giveaways.  Go check them out!

Simply Being Mommy is giving away a Portuguese Water Dog — ends tomorrow!  (1/1/10)

Shop With Me Mama is giving away an Alvin (from Alvin & the Chipmunks) plush toy — ends 1/3/10

In addition, I’ve found another giveaway you may be interested in entering…

Thrifty & Chic Mom is giving away a $50 gift card to Stampin’ Up! — ends 1/6/10

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