New Year’s Resolutions?

Like many others, I normally don’t make New Year’s resolutions because it seems I barely make it to January 2nd or 3rd and they’re already “broken.” — LOL!  However, being somewhat actively involved in reading others’ blogs, I’ve found several who have come up with at least one resolution and even a few who have more than one.  So, I’ve been thinking about what I should resolve to do this year; and as of yet, I’ve not come up with much of anything.  The things I think of are either too personal to share online or too impossible to accomplish.

That being said, here’s a short list that I hope will be doable.  Listed here in no particular order, are my resolutions for 2010…

  1. Spend more time listening.
  2. Spend less time complaining.
  3. Continue journaling on paper and online.
  4. Hug my children more often.
  5. Write more snail mail cards and letters.
  6. Do not heap guilt on myself for failing to follow these resolutions.

And, here are a few others I’ve found who’ve listed their resolutions on-line:

Please let me know what resolutions you’ve made; and if you blogged about them, leave the link.  (I may go back and add your list to this post!)

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions?”

  1. Hi Anita,
    After reading your post I thought I’d also write a few things down. Now I need to post them on my kitchen wall. 😉

    Happy New Year,
    Twisted at

  2. Happy New Year!

    One of the resolutions I have made is to drink more water. I drink far too much coffee and pop (even if it is diet!), and need to get some more pure H20 in me!

  3. Good luck with your resolutions, it’s hard to make resolutions but easier to change if you try to make lifestyle changes, not that I’m saying that’s easier, it just makes changes easier to keep

    We do have a lot of similar ones

  4. I don’t do resolutions either, but I do come up with goals for the various areas in my life: wife, mom, homeschooler, homemaker, writer, and my walk with God.

    I find that I do have to be specific and set deadlines for mini goals, or I don’t move forward. 🙂

    Wrote a bit about one of my goals on my blog.

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