Wishing for insight…

I want so much to be a better writer and to blog more regularly about something besides giveaways.  I think many of you who happen to read my blog would probably appreciate it if I blogged about something besides giveaways.  In the past when I blogged more regularly on my homeschool blog, I seemed to come up with more things about which to write.   Has the on-set of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Technorati and so many other social networking and “fidgeting” sites caused all of us to neglect blogging?  Somehow, I don’t think so.  I still read plenty of well-thought-out and well-written blog entries… just not on my blog. 

There have been a few times when I’ve blogged about “blogging.”  For instance when I started blogging more regularly over here (at Anita’s Antics),  I posted an entry (on my hs blog) called, “Blogging Confusion.”  And, about a month after that, I apologized to my homeschool bloggy friends with “Neglected?”  Then, of course, there’s my infamous not so famous “Too Many Blogs” entry which produced a whopping one comment (thank you, Sandpiper!).  Also, I received several comments on my “To Blog Or Not To Blog” post on my hs blog… but only after I bribed, begged,  asked.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think it’s pretty lame when one has to resort to begging pleading to get comments.  And, I wish that I was a better writer so that I didn’t have to resort to begging such methods.  Also, I wish I didn’t have to do “memes” to try and “drum up” comments either.  (A “meme” is… oh, I need to find the post where I explain my understanding of memes.  After searching through my “Tags and Memes” category on my hs blog, I didn’t find where I explained them.  So, I guess I never blogged about that.)  One thing I’ve found that sometimes helps me get more comments, and that is… leaving comments for others.  Wha…?  Are you shocked?  😉  Unfortunately, it seems I must leave BEAUCOUPS of comments just to get one or two in return.  But, I digress.

BTW:  In case anyone is interested, I added something to my “About Me” page.

12 thoughts on “Wishing for insight…”

  1. Seems to me that if I didn’t have giveaways I too would be waiting to c if any 1 was reading.Not sure how u sent me email in stumble upon on this.. u must of did a blog makeover too the falling snow is nice for the 1st few minutes. Happy new yr see ya soon

  2. I think one of the best ways to get comments–besides commenting!!–is to participate in various weekly memes, like Wordless Wednesday. Also, I’m lazy. I subscribed to your HSB blog a long time ago, but now I am so used to just clicking on the “follow” on blogspot blogs, that I rarely subscribe to any outside of blogger. Laziness!

  3. Yes, many times I write to improve my writing to find the many interruptions around here cause me to lose my train of thought. Something I think will bring in the comments, never does. I really don’t want to blog political stuff, but that was the only blog that brought in new comments. Keep writing, Anita. We are reading.

  4. I don’t always comment, but I read too. I usually notice whenever you tweet a new link on your Twitter Feed. :^)

    Your Hubby

  5. I sometimes feel the same way but then I try to remind myself why I am blogging. I would LOVE to be one of the hip happening places in blogland with tons of comments but my goal is to share and hopefully be an example or encouragement to others and above all to glorify God with my writing. It can be hard not to be a bit frustrated with the lack of involvement from others at times though. :o)

  6. I’ll be the first to admit….I love me some comments. I love to see my comment count go up up up.


    I blog for myself now days.
    In the beginning, blogging was my “escape” and then I got involved with REVIEWS/GIVEAWAYS. Ah…I had many many people visiting on a daily basis.

    They were not sticking around.
    They were using me for my “stuff”.
    I got worn out.
    I stopped doing all those reviews/giveaways.
    I started re-connecting with my readers.
    (actually interacting)
    I started LOVING the blog again.
    Oh, and I can honestly say that when I started being ME ME ME instead of GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY….the page rank jumped up, my Alexa rating improved and my follower count is gradually increasing week after week.

    That was all ME and not giveaways!

    They like me or at least pretend to like me (lol)

    So, I say…..
    First and Foremost Blog for YOU.
    Interact with your readers.
    If they comment on your blog, comment on theirs.
    Visit new blogs every week.
    There are SO MANY bloggers out there just waiting to be “found”.

    Your blog will grow. I can almost guarantee it!

  7. I hear ya! I stopped doing memes when Thursday Thirteen took a hit and stopped existing, though I think someone took it over, maybe???? Anyway, after that my comments have dropped off even while my stat counter says that thousands of people a month stop by my blog.
    I am very social, so a lack of comments drives me nuts! I have even tried the blogging a question to engage readers at the end of your post, with little to no luck. Even the post about my ectopic pregnancy generated single digits of comments. I thank you for your comment on that post, btw!

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