God loves us even though we don’t understand His love

I feel like Trisha must might have felt when she wrote her post about nothing.  This post may or may not be re-visited, revised, edited, deleted, back-spaced, etc.  I don’t know.

However, one thing I do know:  God loves us.  We cannot ever comprehend how much or to what degree because we are human and He isn’t.  Please listen to the words of this song from the David Crowder Band.  As I “compose” write this post, I’m looking around the band’s website and finding out information I didn’t know.  The song “How He Loves” was originally written and recorded by John Mark McMillan.  I’ve not really done much research on McMillan, but I was awed to discover that he apparently wrote it after a friend died in a car accident.

When I read that, my mind immediately started racing.  I thought back to when I can first remember hearing this song… which was only yesterday.   (I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the song prior to yesterday, but yesterday is the first I can remember hearing it.)  And, what some may see as coincidental, I see as providential.  Why do I say that?  I heard it on Angelica Grace Designs’ blog.  I discovered (from looking around Twitter) that Angie, the author of the AGD blog, knew Karissa when they were children.  In fact, Angie has a picture of the two of them (and presumably a brother or other friend) on her Wordful Wednesday post.  (It’s really precious! You ought to go check it out.)

So, where am I going with all of this?  Oh yes… providential.  I see this as providential because (as most of you reading this know) Karissa’s life recently ended prematurely.  While her death was (apparently) not accidental like McMillan’s friend’s death, it was very much a shock (as I’m sure the friend’s death was).  And, since I believe that God is all-knowing, He knew that this song would reach out and touch my soul.  By hearing that song, I was able to receive a bit of peace in the midst of the heartache.  God truly loves us.

Thank you, Angie.  Thank you, John Mark McMillan.  Thank you, David Crowder Band.  Thank you, God.

3 thoughts on “God loves us even though we don’t understand His love”

  1. Thanks for your post, sweetheart. What a simple and powerful message in the song. By the way, it appears the video has the embedding disabled now, but I was able to click on it and watch it on YouTube. Thanks for sharing it.

    Your Hubby

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