Nervous about my first review — HELP!

Book Bomb and Author's Talk with Suzanne Woods FisherMy first “official” review is scheduled for tomorrow.  Actually, I’ve not written the review… yet.  However, I’m nervous about it.  Am I freaking out for no good reason?!  Why am I so nervous?!  I need to write a book review to be “published” for tomorrow, and I’m a nervous wreck!  I feel like I’ll mess up somehow or won’t be able to come up with the words I really want to say.  Agh!  Help!!!  I read The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher and thoroughly enjoyed it, but how do I convey that in a blog entry?  I’ve never done this.  This is my first time… can you tell I’m biting my fingernails (proverbially)?

Not only that… the review part — but what about all the stuff I’m supposed to LINK to and the disclaimer(s)??!!  Did anyone else feel the same way for their first review?

3 thoughts on “Nervous about my first review — HELP!”

  1. I know you’ll do a great job, sweetheart. Maybe you could outline the things you want to say? I believe in you.


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