Organizing Junkie?

I have not one, but TWO junk drawers that “rival” some of the other junk drawer “before” pictures I’ve seen.  Rubbermaid has a six-piece drawer organizer set which seems to help.  I think I could use at least one set of these, what do you think?

It’s hard to believe that I can “afford” to use up valuable drawer space with this junk!

(It’s hard to believe that I can afford to spend time blogging about this, too, I know!)

So, without further ado, here are the blogs (that I’ve found) that are giving away a six-piece Rubbermaid drawer organizer…

UPDATE!!! Thanks to Melissa from Frugal Creativity, there’s another blog where you can enter to win one of these organizers…

3 thoughts on “Organizing Junkie?”

  1. Are you sure those aren’t pictures of my drawers? Oh no wait, I can’t get mine open to take a picture…must go enter those giveaways….

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