Tuesday Tea

How did it get to be March 10th already?!  (Okay, so there’s still two more hours of March 9th; give me a break!)  This year is flying by!  St. Patrick’s Day is one week from today!  Can you believe it?!

I haven’t blogged much lately.  I haven’t entered as many contests as “normal” lately… if you can believe that.  😉  Actually, I’m not sure what I’ve been doing “online” lately.  I re-joined and spent a little extra time on Facebook, but I still don’t spend that much time there.  It’s fun to see what my family and friends (who live half way across the country) are doing… thus my reason for getting back on Facebook.  I’m connected to a few of my online friends via FB, but I honestly don’t “see” many of you there.  I hear from my sister more often now that I’m back on FB.  I wonder why that is?  She mentioned that she communicates more regularly via FB than via email because she doesn’t have as much stuff to “wade” through.  (We get a lot of email messages from our dad. — LOL!  And, if you ever read this, Daddy… we love you!  Well, we love you even if you DON’T ever read this!)  Anyways, I’m not sure if this blog entry has a point except to say that I’ve been doing other things besides being online.  I’ve cleared out a few “clutter” spots, looked at OLD pictures (from 20 years ago or so), and even had a tea party with my girls (and a friend of theirs) today.  (They didn’t have school because of a Teacher Inservice Day.)

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tea”

  1. I can completely understand. I’ve also been doing things “off” line than “online”. It’s so hard to keep up with everything sometimes. Glad your doing good and getting some stuff done.

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