Tax Day run around

Royalty Free clip art from Fotosearch.comIt’s TAX DAY here in the United States, and praise God this is the first year in a long time that I didn’t “do” them!  And, before you accuse me of “skirting” the law, my hubby did them.  (Thank you, hubby!)

I woke up this morning, took the children to school, drove to Starbucks (with my OWN travel mug in hand), got my free coffee (yay!), started to go to Aldi (then realized they don’t open until 9 a.m., and it was barely 8:15 or so), browsed at Walgreens (wished I had the coupons for Kellogg’s cereal that my hubby presumably printed off because they have 2/$4* on some of their cereal), drove over to Aldi, worked a little on cleaning out the “minivan in desperate need of Spring cleaning” (it was still 7 or 8 minutes ’til 9), threw away some trash on my way into Aldi, got the needed groceries, drove to LifeWay Christian Bookstore to redeem the voucher I won from Ann Crabs, met a blogger who had a giveaway for the same voucher a few weeks ago, came home, put away the groceries, and now I’m finishing off my free coffee and typing out my morning.  🙂  (And, believe it or not, I typed all of this out before even checking my gmail!)

So, how was YOUR trip to Starbucks, or should I ask… how is your Tax Day going?

*after $1 Register Reward

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