Paper and Unprecedented Personal Pages

DISCLAIMER:  Before you toss this blog post to the wind, please note that two giveaways are mentioned here.  I was given no incentive or compensation to mention them other than the chance at an extra entry into the giveaways.

I’m trying to remember where and how I heard about this new-to-me site (aka “Unprecedented Personal Page”).  I think I saw a link to Bird Crafts on Mom’s Misc. Adventures.  But, I had never been to that site before today either.  So, through the amazing technological advancements of web browsers, I clicked on the “back” button (shocking, I know!) and discovered that I came to Mom’s Misc. Adventures via my friend Beeb’s recent entry on her Contest Corner blog.

Now that you’re thoroughly confused as to my running around on the web, I suppose I could clear things up a bit really complicate things by letting you know WHY I’m even mentioning all of this.

Mom’s Misc. Adventures’ Thursday Giveaway Linky lists Bird Crafts’ Personalized Calendar giveaway first.  (And, her linky includes a “snapshot” of the giveaways.)
So when I saw the photo of this cute calendar, I naturally had to click on it.  (See “my running around on the web” in the previous paragraph for further explanation as to why I italicized the word “had”.)

Hurry on over to Bird Crafts blog and enter the giveaway.  The winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 18th.

Additionally, I decided to check out Confessions of a Paper Freak, the blog of the creator of the cute calendar shown, because I too am somewhat of a paper freak.  And, lo and behold, Emmy (aka Emo) is hosting a giveaway of her own!  Her college friend Megan (aka Mego) has a digital invitation design business on etsy called Preppy Prints.   Emmy/Emo is giving away one customized invitation from Megan’s/Mego’s shop.  But, you REALLY need to hurry to enter this one as it ends tonight (Thursday May 13th) at midnight PST.

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