Menu Plan Monday

This week, I’m trying out a different banner/button to link to  She has several different ones from which to choose.  Check them out here.

I’m attempting to “stay the course” with the Menu Plan Monday posts as our week usually seems to go better when I do.  I hope you (my seven readers/subscribers) won’t be too bored reading what we plan to eat. 🙂

Monday LaChoy Beef Chow Mein with white rice and LaChoy Chow Mein Noodles

Tuesday Elegant Pork Chops (I’m going to attempt this with NON-instant, uncooked rice.)  (Thanks to Susan for the idea!) — not sure of what veggie

Wednesday Tater Tot Hot Dish (perhaps?)

Thursday Grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, pickles

Friday Pizza and bread sticks (per the birthday girl’s request)

And, I’m adding Saturday morning’s breakfast plan since we plan to have a couple of girls spend the night with us Friday night…  Homemade Pancakes (per the birthday girl’s request)blinkie from Amy's Blinkies and Such

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