Life in Fast Forward

When did you last wish you would’ve had your video camera with you?  At times, it feels like life can zip past us faster than a fast forward button.  Grab your video camera and hang on!

This video shows a time when we DID have a video camera handy, but I can think of more exciting moments which weren’t captured on video… like when the bottom of my sister’s glass decided to fall out — onto her lap OR when the squirrel that was “stealing” our dog’s food discovered that our dog woke up from his nap OR when we were the first people on the scene of a house fire.

If you’ve had moments when you wish you would’ve had a video camera (and who hasn’t?), I suggest you check out the stories shared by these bloggers about times when they wished they’d had a video camera…

Oh, and did I mention… ?  You could win a $200 gift card to purchase your own Flip Slide video camera.  Learn more at BlogHer and/or at any of the blogs shown.

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