Thankfulness in the midst of tragedy…

It’s late, and I need to get to bed… but, I wanted to ask you to keep the flood victims in Oklahoma in your prayers.  Melissa (of Consumer Queen) and her family had quite a bit of flood damage to their new home.  She wasn’t even certain if they have flood insurance.

(I remember being REQUIRED to get flood insurance on the house we purchased in Texas because it was in a 100 year flood plain.  It was not inexpensive and a fairly big “hassle” as I recall.)

Anyway, please remember to pray… and while you’re at it, thank God for Melissa’s dependence on the Lord.  Tragedy is even worse when we do not have Him to lean on.

Thanks to Robyn’s Online World and Mommy Brain Reports for their loving support of Melissa during this time.

One thought on “Thankfulness in the midst of tragedy…”

  1. Absolutely. I am just astonished at how quickly it happened to them as well. I am so glad that they have such a strong faith in the Lord! He is our provider!

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