Family Movie Night

I thought I had blogged about Secrets of the Mountain a few months ago; but after searching my posts, I couldn’t find anything.  Anyway, if you haven’t heard about WalMart’s initiative to bring back “Family Movie Night,” then you’ve probably not been watching NBC or reading very many blogs.

WalMart and P&G have ‘partnered’ to bring more ‘family-friendly’ programming (albeit one night every three months) to television.  Of course, they have received ‘mixed’ reviews for this.  We have Secrets of the Mountain on DVD and enjoyed watching it.  There were parts that might be considered ‘cheesy’ to some; but as a whole, it was entertaining and very ‘clean’ (even if the matriarchal figure is divorced).

I’ve not yet seen their newest collaboration, The Jensen Project (which aired on July 16th), but here’s a list of several blogs giving away a copy of the DVD…

Note: I have no idea why I used so many quotation marks in this particular blog entry.  🙂
Disclaimer:  Here’s the small print…  I’m not reviewing this or offering it as a giveaway.  I have received no compensation for blogging about this except to receive extra entries in (some of) the giveaways.
Family Movie Night Picks button from Empowering Mommy.

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