Do I hear sleigh bells?!

Wow!  I did absolutely no posts in October!  What was I thinking?!  What was I doing?!  Good questions!  I’m glad you asked!  😉

Seriously, life has been traveling at the speed of light, or seemingly so.  I was hired on for a really good job near the end of September, but by the end of the fourth day I was fired.  Yes, apparently they forgot to issue duct tape to me before letting me loose to the dogs.  LOL!  Because of the way things get around the Internet, I will unfortunately be unable to share the details.  (Sorry!  I’m not as brave of a soul as my ‘sweet’ friend Tricia is.  Love ya, gal!  BTW, I picked a totally random post (to link back to) from my list of 3,000 something faves of yours.)  Needless to say (or perhaps is warrants mentioning), I’ve been kinda down and out about that.  I’m not too happy with the nationally known temp agency that rhymes with smelly, nor do I appreciate the amount of ‘power’ given to trainers at a major health insurance company that wants to cross their hearts and shield me from the blues.

To quote my favorite VeggieTales character Larry the Cucumber, enough of that!  (Actually, it was Larry Boy who coined the phrase in his Super Hero Slim Down video.)

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