Randomness in ‘early’ Summer

By the looks of my blog, one might presume that I have nothing to share or haven’t had time to write or… what DO you think?  Since I haven’t blogged in so long, I’ll be surprised if anyone even reads this.

Life has kept going at the speed of light, or at least it seems like it.  I now have a full time job and live in a two-bedroom house at the end of dead-end street.  My ‘husband’ and I have still not filed for divorce.  Some people seem to think, “what’s taking so long?”  Others seem to think, “are you planning on reconciling?”  And further still, there are other reactions that seem to have me re-thinking things… as if I needed a reason to THINK more!  😛

I tend to self-analyze and psycho-analyze myself quite a bit.  Some would say I need to just ‘chill’ and NOT think so much.  So, what IS the answer?  I’m a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, so I know what THE answer is.  (I hesitate to call myself a Christian lest someone think I’m one who thinks I’m “holier than thou’.  But, that’s a whole other discussion.)  However, just knowing THE answer doesn’t always answer all of the other questions.  I feel that some of my fellow born-again believers would disagree with me.  And, that’s fine.  We each have our opinions.

Soooo… why am I blogging at this particular moment?  I don’t really know.  I would like to see what others’ opinions are of what I write.  I enjoy blogging and writing in general.  I sometimes long to be a writer or author of books, or at least magazine articles.  I don’t know if I ‘qualify’ or if my writing would be considered article-worthy or book-worthy.  But, thanks for reading my blog at least.  🙂

One thought on “Randomness in ‘early’ Summer”

  1. Anita,
    Calling yourself a Christian does not mean that you come across as “holier-than-thou”. A Christian is a Christ follower. To be a Christ follower we must submit to Him and His commands. That’s hard for many of us because we want to be in control. When we want to be in control were saying we wish God were dead. That may be harsh but it’s true. I don’t really know what you are looking for by asking for comments, but you called yourself a born-again beliver in Jesus Christ. I realize that I’m commenting here, but no ones opinion of you counts more than Jesus’. Look to him for direction, affirmation, and truth.

    Regarding your “divorce” it doesn’t matter what others think, what does God think? What does he have to say about divorce? When you married you made a committment before God. His word says that it is better to not make a vow than to make a vow and break it. I’m not trying to be holier-than-thou with you, I’m just speaking truth in love. I do care what happens to you and your family. I pray for reconcilliation. I know that we haven’t been close but I see someone crying out for help and discernment. Please don’t think I’m trying to be mean. God loves you and wants what’s best for you and that’s doing what’s right in His eyes not anyone elses.

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