What do I title this?

There’s so much in my head, I don’t know where to begin or even where to just ‘jump in’ in the midst of all this craziness. I was just on the phone with my dentist’s office after having talked to someone there last Wednesday.  The office manager was out that day, and she’s apparently out today, too.  Just my luck since I have a bill in my hand that no one can seem to explain to me but her.  Never mind that I was not able to call her back when I had hoped/planned to call her back (Thursday) due to problems with a used tire I had purchased on Tuesday.  (There’s enough with the tire ‘fiasco’ to write at least two blog posts.) But, before I was on the phone with the dentist’s office, I was on the phone with a new-to-me ‘friend’ trying to explain myself and my ‘lot’ in life.  Prior to talking to this ‘friend’, I looked back at something I hand-wrote in April 2011.  And, I realized, other than being a year and a half older and my divorce has actually been filed (by my soon-to-be ex’s attorney), not much in my life has changed since then.  I proceeded to tell this ‘friend’ that I don’t like it that not much has changed. Wow… I just now thought to myself:  “Why am I so concerned with changing?”  Does change mean growth?  What does change mean?   Whew!  Things go through my head at the speed of light!  Flashing through my head are thoughts of a conversation I had with my children daughters about the definitions of words changing.  And, I’m just now thinking… perhaps even the definition of “change” is changing!  How bizarre, wild, confusing, etc… THAT is! I really and truly wish I could be a writer.  I love words so much, and I love to write.  I’m just not sure how I would “get” into it … enough to support myself, I mean. Looking back over what I have written so far, I can just imagine what people might think when they read this.

“Gee!  This woman must have ADHD!” “Why would she write about that?” “She never finished her thought.” “How did I end up on THIS blog?!”

Oh well, thanks for listening to me anyway… regardless of how you ended up here. 🙂

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