VeggieTales (and Larry Boy) are at it again!

Wow!  There are a lot of blogs giving away VeggieTales’ latest DVD, The League of Incredible Vegetables, featuring their very own “legendary” superhero Larry Boy and an ‘all-star’ cast of new superheroes.

The League of Incredible Vegetables

I first got excited about it when I saw the NewsBoys’ video.  I think NewsBoys do incredible music anyways… without doing a song about incredible vegetables!

Here’s the blogs that still have a giveaway for this DVD:

If you’ve never heard of VeggieTales, I encourage you to check them out!  They may seem like something that would only appeal to small children, but I assure you that they are full of lots of fun for older children and parents, too.

I was given no compensation for this post except extra entries in a couple of the giveaways.

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