Saturday Evening Post

Here’s something I accomplished today…


I put together this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle!  It shows Lamplight Brook (one of four puzzles in a boxed set) a copy of an original painting by Thomas Kinkade.  I have long enjoyed his paintings and their depiction of light.

I think I had forgotten how much I enjoy jigsaw puzzles.  Not sure why, but my mother gave us a puzzle this year for Christmas.  So, my daughters and I enjoyed putting it together and then, to our surprise we found this boxed set of puzzles virtually ‘in tact’ in a freebie bin at a local used books/records/CDs/DVDs/etc. store.  None of the bags in which the puzzles came had ever been opened.

(As I put the final pieces in, I counted down from the last 27 pieces or so.  haha!  So many of the “sky” pieces look similar; it was getting a bit tedious.)


I did not receive any compensation for writing this post.


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