I started looking at pictures that I have saved on my laptop from past years for the month of January: 2017, 2016, 2015; and then when I got to 2014, the pictures were there but were shown in the wrong month and year.  I may not ever be able to determine the exact dates of some of them, but I know when I was in American Samoa.  This one, among many others stuck out to me:


I remember exactly where I was on the island and what happened around the same time that I took this picture.  It was one of two days that we visited this area.  A few others and I ventured out into the ocean, carefully walking on the sharp coral.  Most of the coral in this area was rather drab-looking — mainly gray, dull, and boring.  Additionally, the water was not very deep when the tide was out.  One could walk 50 feet or more from the shore and still be in water only up to one’s calf.  However, I managed to find the edge of the coral, where the ocean floor dropped (or disappeared) like the edge of a canyon.  To this day, I shake my head in amazement.  There is absolutely no way for me to describe in words the discovery I felt I had made.  I literally lied down on the coral (sharp as it was), put my goggles and snorkeling gear on, and peered down into a canyon.  (Some might call it a “drop off” similar to the one depicted in Finding Nemo even though the one I saw probably was not as deep.)  As I sit here 6,000 miles away from that tiny little island in the South Pacific and consider the vastness of the ocean and its unfathomable depth and color, I’m speechless.  (Even Pixar‘s talent of creating believable animation cannot capture the awe-inspiring sight.  It’s almost a joke for me to even mention that.)  I remember wishing I had an underwater camera; and yet even if I had had one, it would be the same as trying to capture the beauty of a sunset through a single lens.  And yet, the feelings I felt far exceed any feelings I’ve ever felt about the most beautiful of sunsets.

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