A Few Giveaways

Here’s a list of giveaways that are mostly books…

  • The Original Christmas Specials Collection: Deluxe Edition! (no indication if you’re entering for blu-ray or DVD) – 2 winners, open to USA – HURRY! –> ends November 25, 2018Click here to enter!
  • Children’s book:  Builders and Breakers by Steve Light – 2 winners, open to USA & Canada – ends November 28, 2018Click here to enter!
  • Children’s book – Around the World in 80 Puzzles by Aleksandra Artymoska – 2 winners, open to USA & Canada – ends December 1, 2018Click here to enter!

coming home cv

  • Children’s books:  Little Christmas Tree by Jessica Courtney-Tickle and Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo – 2 winners (2 books each), open to USA & Canada – ends December 2, 2018Click here to enter!
  • Sing a Song of Seasons: A Nature Poem for Each Day of the Year curated by Fiona Waters & illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon – 1 winner, open to USA & Canada – ends December 3, 2018Click here to enter!
  • My Heart Belongs In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania by Murray Pura – 3 winners, open to USA – ends December 5, 2018Click here to enter!

Saturday Sweeps

As usual, there are soooo many giveaways and soooo little time!

I mentioned in my last Saturday Sweeps that I won two different things from the same blog, The IE Mommy.  Both prizes have already arrived!  🙂
Here’s some of the most recent giveaways I’ve entered…

Two different blogs are giving away a $500 Visa gift card!!!

  • Mom to Bed By 8 – ends May 1 – click here to go enter!
  • Susan Heim on Parenting – ends May 1 – click here to go enter!

My Springfield Mommy has a few that end tomorrow (that I entered)…

  • The Big Wedding giveaway – Click here to go enter!
  • A Springfield Doll (with outfit) – Click here to go enter!
  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Princess Twilight Sparkle on DVD – click here to go enter!

Mom’s Own Words is also giving away The Big Wedding prize pack, but you have more time – ends May 8 – click here to go enter!

As They Grow Up is giving away This Is Our Time on DVD – ends May 4 – Click here to go enter!  Also, My Four Monkeys is giving it away – ends April 29 – Click here to go enter!

My Four Monkeys has a few other giveaways, too…

  • Ring the Bell DVD – ends April 29 – click here to go enter!
  • The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble With Things book – ends April 29 – click here to go enter!
  • Hermie and Friends DVD – ends May 6 – click here to go enter!

Don’t forget about this giveaway…

The Freebie Depot is giving away a $50 gift card to Olive Garden – ends May 4 – Click here to go enter!

Enter to Win clipart from Babble.com

Wreck-It Ralph and other giveaways

My daughters and I went and saw Wreck-It Ralph last weekend at the ‘cheap’ theater.  It was pretty good, especially if you’ve ever spent any amount of time playing video games.  I found more than one blog that is giving away a copy of it on DVD/Blu-ray…

  • Hanging Off the Wire ~ ends March 4 ~ click here to go enter!
  • Motherhood Moment ~ ends March 5 ~ click here to go enter!
  • Thrifty Jinxy ~ ends March 6 ~ click here to go enter!
  • My Wee View ~ ends March 8 ~ go enter by clicking here!
  • Dragon Blogger ~ ends March 19 ~ click here to go enter!  (appears to be blu-ray only)
  • One Savvy Mom ~ ends March 27 ~ click here to go enter!

And, something that might go good with that movie is a care package full of yummy goodies.  She Scribes is giving away a HUGE care package.  Her giveaway ends on March 9.  Enter by clicking here.

Simply Stacie is giving away the winner’s choice of a Canon or Nikon DSLR Camera Kit ~ ends March 10 ~ click here to go enter!

VeggieTales (and Larry Boy) are at it again!

Wow!  There are a lot of blogs giving away VeggieTales’ latest DVD, The League of Incredible Vegetables, featuring their very own “legendary” superhero Larry Boy and an ‘all-star’ cast of new superheroes.

The League of Incredible Vegetables

I first got excited about it when I saw the NewsBoys’ video.  I think NewsBoys do incredible music anyways… without doing a song about incredible vegetables!

Here’s the blogs that still have a giveaway for this DVD:

If you’ve never heard of VeggieTales, I encourage you to check them out!  They may seem like something that would only appeal to small children, but I assure you that they are full of lots of fun for older children and parents, too.

I was given no compensation for this post except extra entries in a couple of the giveaways.

Another VeggieTales Christmas…

I mentioned Larry the Cucumber in my last blog entry.  He stars in the newest VeggieTales Christmas DVD, It’s a Meaningful Life.  There are several blogs hosting giveaways for this lesson-filled, fun DVD.  Check ’em out…

Family Movie Night

I thought I had blogged about Secrets of the Mountain a few months ago; but after searching my posts, I couldn’t find anything.  Anyway, if you haven’t heard about WalMart’s initiative to bring back “Family Movie Night,” then you’ve probably not been watching NBC or reading very many blogs.

WalMart and P&G have ‘partnered’ to bring more ‘family-friendly’ programming (albeit one night every three months) to television.  Of course, they have received ‘mixed’ reviews for this.  We have Secrets of the Mountain on DVD and enjoyed watching it.  There were parts that might be considered ‘cheesy’ to some; but as a whole, it was entertaining and very ‘clean’ (even if the matriarchal figure is divorced).

I’ve not yet seen their newest collaboration, The Jensen Project (which aired on July 16th), but here’s a list of several blogs giving away a copy of the DVD…

Note: I have no idea why I used so many quotation marks in this particular blog entry.  🙂
Disclaimer:  Here’s the small print…  I’m not reviewing this or offering it as a giveaway.  I have received no compensation for blogging about this except to receive extra entries in (some of) the giveaways.
Family Movie Night Picks button from Empowering Mommy.

German or American?

My parents spent six years of the first 21 years of my life in Germany.  Of that, I lived in Germany with them for about four of those years.  (My father served in the U.S. Army and for the civil service.)  I remember being ecstatic as a college freshman when I found out my parents would be returning to Germany after nearly 10 years away.  I love Germany… the language, the culture, the climate, the scenery, the food!  (I don’t love their WW II history.)  German was part of my college major.  I used to have a shirt that I bought at the PX (post exchange) in Stuttgart, Germany.  It had a picture of a surf-boarding Snoopy on the front with the words, “Show me the ‘wave’ to go home.  GermanyUSA.”  I think I wore it out!  Here’s a picture of me wearing it.  (ignore the late ’80s/early ’90s hair style :P)

Well, I found several giveaways that are “specifically” German-related and several that are truly American.  Check them out to see what I mean…  (Note: There are also a few that aren’t ‘nationality-specific’.)  🙂


Two sites have giveaways that end TOMORROW, and they’re both giving away clothing.  Also, I’ve included another blog that’s giving away clothing…

  • The Bragging Mommy – a St. Eve Kids Beach Wrap, a Giraffe Girls’ Toddler Sleepwear Set, and a Heartbreaker Boys’ Toddler Sleepwear Set  – ends 7/19 at 10 a.m.
  • The Mom Reviews – Jockey Supersoft Panties – ends 7/19 (no time is indicated)
  • Happily Domestic – a Mountain Hardwear Men’s Ravine shirt ($75 Value) – ends 7/29


The next ‘group’ of giveaways is sponsored by Nestlé which in a German dialect means “little nest”1.  The Experimental Mommy (aka The Not-So-Blog) is hosting these giveaways as part of the Nestlé Family Summer Block Party which was held last week.  These giveaways end on 7/21.


For more “sweet tooth” goodness, check out these giveaways…

  • The Mommy-Files – a variety pack including Hershey’s Extra Dark and Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Treats – ends 7/22
  • The Mom Reviews – free Popsicles and a National Geographic Kids Big Book of Fun (5 winners!) – ends 7/23
  • Savvy Housewife – eight (8) Cookie Jar Entertainment kids’ DVDs – ends 7/24


Summer SizzleSummer Sizzle giveaways (including a German-related one)…

* Piece of Me – a Personalized Mouse Bag from Little Liebling (2 winners!) – ends 7/26 (Liebling is German for ‘sweetheart’.)

* Minnesota Mama’s Must Haves – a Personalized Lunch Tote – ends 7/26

More kids’ item giveaways (including a German-related one)…
  • My Organized Chaos – a copy of Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days on DVD – ends 7/27
  • And Twins make 5! – a set of Schleich Toy Figures (six different dogs) – ends 7/28 (Schleich’s headquarters are in Germany.)
  • Happily Domestic – a wooden Doll Bunk bed – ends 7/30


The AmericanGirl Shine On Now campaign is about celebrating girls who are making a difference in their families, communities and schools.  The following blogs are among those who are Official Parent Partners with
The Shine on Now campaign.  Each of these are giving away an AmericanGirl doll.  To enter most of the giveaways, you must nominate a deserving girl who you think has made a difference.  (All of them end on July 31st {when the campaign ends} unless otherwise noted.)


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1according to Nestlé’s History (Note: Henri Nestlé was apparently Swiss, not German. But, of course, German is one of the languages spoken in Switzerland.)

Animated flag images by 3DFlags.com

Sensational Saturday “Sweeps”

Here are a few giveaways that I thought you might find “sensational,” too!  (Also, please don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on my blog button!)

For the kids:

For Everyone:

  • Serendipity Mommy – a 9-person family tent from Eureka! (ARV $279) – ends 7/12
  • Mom Start – a $25 American Express GC from Kelly Confidential & Electrolux – ends 7/19
  • Experimental Mommy (aka The Not-So-Blog)  – a S’mores Prize Pack from Kraft S’mores & S’miles – ends 7/20
  • Mommy GogglesThe 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo DVD (2 Winners!) – ends 7/21
  • Moms Wear Your Tees (aka Social Media Marketing) – a $50 Target GC – ends when 100 entries are reached (needs 7 more entries as of this posting)
  • Happily Domestic – a $20 Regal Cinemas GC and a $30 restaurant GC – ends when her blog reaches 1000 followers (restaurant GC is winner’s choice of the following…)
    • Chili’s
    • Famous Dave’s
    • Carino’s Italian Grill
    • Outback Steakhouse
    • P.F. Chang’s
    • Cracker Barrel
    • Qdoba Mexican Grill
    • Red Lobster
    • Red Robin
    • Texas Roadhouse
Giveaways listed are found on the following sites…
Disclaimer:  Here’s the small print…  I’m not reviewing this or offering it as a giveaway.  I have received no compensation for blogging about this except to receive extra entries in some of the giveaways.

For lack of a better title… Toy Story, Madeline and other fun stuff

The last time I blogged about a Madeline giveaway was in March.  There’s already another awesome Madeline DVD release:  Madeline’s Great Adventures.  So far, I’ve found 3 blogs still offering one of these DVDs as a giveaway, but you better hurry because a couple of them end tonight…

Something that’s really “hip” and “now” is Toy Story 3!  We saw it yesterday (as a special treat for Dad on Father’s Day).  Very good… as usual.  🙂  Here’s a couple of giveaways related to TS3; but again, you better hurry!!  One ends tonight and the other ends tomorrow…

  • Busy Mommy Media is giving away a a Lego Construct a Buzz – ends today/tonight!
  • Coolest Kid Reviews is giving away an Operation: Toy Story 3 Edition (the game… from Hasbro) – ends tomorrow (6/22)

The other giveaways I wanna let you know about are quite a hodge-podge, so I’ve tried to put them in order of their ending date… starting with the ones that end the soonest…
  • Mama to 3 Blessings is giving away The School Years Memento Keeper, a scrap-booking-type school memories keeper from Family Facts – ends tomorrow (6/22)
  • Feisty, Frugal, & Fabulous has two fun items to give away from Interactive Toy Concepts… an RC Cooler and an Extreme Duck Hunter – ends 6/24
  • Go Graham Go has a cute cat purse from Douglas Cuddle Toys to give away – ends 6/28

I have a few more, but will probably need to include them in a later post so that I can let you know about the three ending tonight!

direct link to Go Graham Go’s homepage, per her request
Disclaimer:  Here’s the small print…  I’m not reviewing this or offering it as a giveaway.  I have received no compensation for blogging about this except to receive extra entries in  the giveaways.

I guess it’s giveaway time!

It’s been awhile since I shared giveaways with you.  I hope you find something you’d like!  I’m also working on a post that will highlight Borders Summer Reading Challenge, so keep an eye out!

Here are several that end tomorrow (Monday, June 14th)…

For the kids…

Miscellaneous prizes…

  • Red Sox Mommy – a Potty Training Kit from Pull-Ups (includes a gift card, 3 DVDs and a few other items) – ends 6/18
  • Koupon Karen – a Channellock VJ-1 tool gift set – ends 6/19
  • Eighty MPH Mom – a 320-Thread Count King Size Duvet Cover set – ends 6/20
  • Recipes for Moms – a $100 grocery gift card from Cellfire – ends 6/25
  • Jamerican Spice – a Tide Coldwater prize pack – ends 6/30
  • Bird Crafts – any item from CSN Stores worth $80 – see if you win on 7/7
The giveaways listed above are found on the following sites…  (Please let me know if you find an error.)
Disclaimer:  Here’s the small print…  I’m not reviewing this or offering it as a giveaway.  I have received no compensation for blogging about this except to receive extra entries in some of the giveaways.