Wordful Wednesday

If I stop to think about the tremendous need in the world, I get overwhelmed in about five seconds (or less).  And, as a person with depression, that is NOT a good thing.  I start thinking (and that in and of itself is a scary thought), “Wow!  I wonder how I could help?”

The natural disaster that’s currently on my mind is the flooding in and near Nashville, Tennessee.  I haven’t been there since the flooding, so I don’t have any personal pictures.  However, there are plenty of them around the Internet.

The not-so-natural disaster that’s on my mind is the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Again, I have no personal pictures, but you can find many if you look.

Since I have no personal pictures of these two recent disasters, I wanted to share the pictures that I do have.  (I took all three of the following pictures.)  The second is hardly worth mentioning, but it’s a disaster nonetheless.

In the midst of natural disasters…

New Orleans area - May 2006 - Hurricane Katrina

and not-so-natural disasters…

Chattanooga, TN area - January 2005 - semi truck knocks over telephone pole

…life goes on.

Chattanooga, TN area - July 2006 - pumpkin growing
I’m participating in Wordful Wednesday at Seven Clown Circus.

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